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Blast Vibration Analysis

  • RMH Blast Analysis-1
  • RMH Blast Analysis-2
  • RMH Blast Analysis-3

As a new development containing an underground parking level was being planned next to a soaring and almost century-old multi-wythe brick chimney, the owner decided to preserve the chimney and use it as an icon to the development.  When the building design team realized that rock blasting may take place as close as 30 ft. from the 117ft tall chimney at a depth of 12 ft., they contacted Genesis Engineering Group to determine the chimney’s dynamic response to ground motion induced by blasting and reinforce the chimney as required.  After a series of non-linear finite element dynamic analysis, the team concluded that the chimney will be safe from proposed blasting activities.  Test blasts and recorded data (by VCE Inc.) also confirmed the pre-blast analysis.

The project was published in Structural Engineer magazine in December 2013 Issue, visit weblink below for full version of article featured in the magazine:

Project Information

Owner: Principal Invesments

Location: Rolling Mill Hill, Nashville

Architect: Baker Barrios