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PHG Gasification Plant

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PHG Energy of Nashville signed a contract with Mayor David Gordon of Covington, Tenn. in July of 2012 for the construction of a waste-to-energy gasification plant. The project was designed to convert wood trimmings and sewer sludge to electricity to offset energy use by the city’s waste water treatment plant. Construction began in April 2013 and the plant became fully operational the following September.

The system utilizes PHGE’s proprietary 12 ton-per-day capacity downdraft gasifier to supply some 6 million Btu’s of producer gas per hour as the central technology

With 3D models exchange and coordination, Genesis worked with PHG Energy to come up with the design of the steel structure.  Steel structure has been arranged to meet OSHA and applicable building codes.  This system design is modular and can easily be upgraded or add-on to accommodate larger municipal or industrial facilities.


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Project Information

Owner: PHG Entergy

Location: Covington, Tennessee

Architect: N/A